A Closer Look at DMI: A Chat with DMI’s Engineer

This past week we had the opportunity to sit down for a chat with our Engineer, Chad. We talked about everything from family values to fostering teamwork, and the secrets behind DMI’s success. Take a look!

Q1: Can you tell us a bit about DMI and what you feel sets the company apart from other local competitors?

Chad: Absolutely. At DMI, we’re more than just a paving company – we’re a family. Our values run deep, and that’s what sets us apart. From our dedicated sales staff to our skilled tradesmen in the field, everyone here is part of the family, and that bond drives us to excel in everything we do.

Q2: What makes DMI’s approach to asphalt paving unique?

Chad: It’s all about the people. We have some of the best in the industry working with us, from our seasoned foremen to our knowledgeable sales team. They understand the products inside out, which allows us to prescribe the right solutions at the right cost. That level of expertise is what truly sets us apart.

Q3: How does DMI ensure the quality of its asphalt products and services?

Chad: Quality is non-negotiable for us. We maintain rigorous standards through proper field management and regular job checks. Our sales staff are present on every job they sell, ensuring that every detail is taken care of. With experienced crew leads overseeing the work, we deliver nothing but the best, every time.

Q4: Can you share how DMI fosters a culture of teamwork and collaboration among its employees?

Chad: Trust is the cornerstone of our success. We believe in open communication and mutual respect between our sales and production teams. Whether it’s planning a project or executing it flawlessly, we work together every step of the way. That collaborative spirit is what drives us forward.

Q5: How does DMI maintain open communication with clients throughout the paving process?

Chad: Communication is key in everything we do. From the moment a client reaches out to us, we assign a dedicated sales rep to guide them through the process. We keep them informed at every stage, from proposal development to project completion. It’s all about ensuring that our clients feel supported and informed every step of the way.

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