The Best & Worst of Commercial Parking Lots

For our crew, the only thing scarier than a poorly maintained parking lot is the thought of stumbling upon a semi-truck sized snake sunbathing in the open. But fear not, we’re here to discuss parking lot perils and pleasures, minus the reptilian surprises. 

From the “Oh no, that’s not good!” to the “Oh wow, it looks great!” we’re set to explore the top three worst and best things we see in commercial parking lots.

Best Things To Find in a Commercial Parking Lot

Proper Drainage

In the battle against Florida’s hefty amounts of rainfall, proper drainage is the unsung hero preventing erosion that transforms into potholes over time.

Catch basins act as guardians, catching debris before it clogs drains, ensuring a clear path for water and preventing parking lot flooding. Beyond controlling water runoff, these systems actively contribute to the longevity of your parking lot by reducing the risk of corrosion and the formation of cracks and potholes.

Additionally, parking lot catch basins play a vital role in environmental responsibility by minimizing contaminants reaching local bodies of water and facilitate groundwater recharge.

Explore other options to prevent water damage to your parking surface here.

Pedestrian Access

Pedestrian safety is paramount, especially considering that more than 50,000 crashes occur in parking lots annually, representing 20 percent of all automobile accidents, with an additional 60,000 people being injured each year according to the National Safety Council.

To create a safe and convenient environment for everyone, incorporating ample pedestrian access is crucial. The inclusion of sidewalks, crosswalks, and well-defined pedestrian paths not only enhances overall accessibility but also plays a vital role in reducing accidents within your parking lot.

Moreover, it’s essential to consider additional safety measures such as speed bumps, clear navigational signage, and a thoughtful parking lot layout. These elements collectively contribute to a safer environment for both drivers and pedestrians.
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Navigational and ADA Signage

Navigational and ADA-compliant signage guides both drivers and pedestrians seamlessly through the parking maze, reducing confusion and enhancing safety. It ensures that everyone, regardless of ability, can navigate your parking lot with ease.
To make things easy, we’ve broken it down into the top things you should know in order to make sure your parking lot is in compliance with the ADA Standards for Accessible Design here.


Revitalizing your parking lot with fresh striping and pavement marking is a great way to enhance traffic flow and prioritize safety for all visitors.

The benefits extend beyond functionality as parking lot striping also rejuvenates the overall appearance of your parking lot, leaving a positive and lasting impression on customers and residents.

Worst Things To Find in a Commercial Parking Lot


When left untreated, those small cracks in your parking lot can quickly become costly repairs. 

Here are the 5 main causes of alligator cracking that we see: 

  1. Loss of load-carrying capacity of the pavement’s base, sub-base, or subgrade support due to improper drainage or spring thaw issues
  2. Increase in load on pavement greater than anticipated design load
  3. Improper structural design of the pavement
  4. Poor construction of pavement (i.e., inadequate compaction and subgrade preparation)
  5. Improper drainage design for pavement

To add to the bad news, if you’re seeing cracks in your asphalt parking surface, crack filling isn’t going to be the easy fix you’re hoping for. Crack fill is not a common practice in Florida due to the level of our water table. But, you can read more here if you’re still not sold on why crackfill isn’t the answer.


Beyond being unsightly, potholes can be a big source of safety concerns for your customers and employees. 

Here are some of the most common dangers facing business and property owners who fail to fix potholes in their parking lot:

  • Increased risk of injury (tripping, falling, and vehicle-related accidents)
  • Poor first impression
  • Traffic congestion


Depressions in your parking lot not only create an eyesore but also indicate potential drainage issues. These depressions can be problematic, as they become collection points for water, exacerbating the deterioration of the parking lot surface and signifying severe parking lot weathering.

Neglected depressions lead to prolonged issues, increasing the risk of accidents and the overall maintenance costs of your parking lot.
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