Why It’s Important to Fix Potholes and Cracks ASAP

Avoiding and preventing potholes in asphalt can feel close to impossible in southern Florida’s humid and rainy climate. 

Standing water weakens and erodes the asphalt, and then BAM! cracks are formed where water starts to do even more damage. This is how potholes form. It may look like it’s just a crack, but a lot is going on underneath the surface that can be detrimental to the longevity of your parking surface. 

Here are the three major reasons timely pothole repair and maintenance is a must, especially in hot, humid climates.

1. Safety

Perhaps one of the most important reasons to prioritize timely pothole repair is the safety of both your employees and your customers.

According to a series of legal cases and their corresponding real life events from ChicagoLawyer.com, hitting a pothole can do as much damage as would happen if a vehicle were in an accident at 35 mph! 

As drivers work to avoid the potholes at your facility, they begin to drive outside of the usual driving pattern which can cause a significant number of accidents that you could potentially be held responsible for covering. 

Additionally, if a visiting customer is looking around or at their phone they have the ability to unknowingly step into a pothole resulting in an injury on your property.

It’s your responsibility as the property manager to make sure your business is safe and accessible to both visiting customers and routine employees. 

2. Curb Appeal

For commercial business owners, curb appeal is one of the most reliable strategies for attracting potential clients to your storefront.

Customer experience (CX) is a top priority for any business and first impressions start in the parking lot.

A parking surface riddled with potholes gives the illusion that you lack responsibility, dependability and generally don’t care about your visiting customers.

According to an Omnibus survey of 1,000 people:

  • Two-thirds decided not to visit a store based solely on its appearance from the street
  • More than half avoided a store due to a “dirty” appearance from the outside

Repairing potholes in a timely manner could be the difference between your customers doing business with you vs a competitor.  

3. Financial Savings

The reality is, potholes are just the beginning and left untreated you’re opening yourself up to future financial challenges. 

Water damage causes the majority of potholes and left unattended the pothole gets deeper, more water permeates the asphalt and then you’re looking at a hefty asphalt repair job.  

Getting this kind of damage taken care of at the earliest sign of cracking is ideal and could save you thousands in the long run.

When it comes to how to fix a pothole in asphalt, check out these pothole repair and prevention options: 

  • regular pavement inspection
  • sealcoating
  • proper drainage
  • pothole patching
  • milling
  • overlay
  • full pavement replacement

To determine what repair service is best for your commercial facility, contact us for a free parking lot estimate.

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