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ADA Parking Lot Compliance

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits discrimination based on disability. This law protects the rights of individuals with physical limitations that may impact their ability to get around.

ADA code specifies that parking lots must have the minimum required number of marked handicap stalls, and must not have obstacles or conditions that limit people from freely moving around. Parking lots in the state of Florida are bound to this code, as well as Chapter 5 of the Florida Building Code in relation to ADA.

More often than not, parking lots are not fully compliant. Something as simple as too few ADA parking stalls or as complex as not having accessible ramps and sidewalk paths can expose you to potentially costly lawsuits.

Experts in ADA Compliance for Parking Lots in Florida

Our engineers specialize in ADA inspections and design, lending a cost effective, engineered solution to making your parking lot compliant. We can help you determine the minimum required number of handicap spaces based on the size of your lot, as well as the best placement and correct markings for those spaces.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – let DMI Paving & Sealcoating ensure your property is up to ADA code and not at risk.

Sign Up for a Free ADA Course for CEU Credit

If you are a property manager interested in a FREE one-hour ADA course for CEU creditcontact us online or call us today to request a class. You’ll gain access to a wealth of information that will help you make sound decisions regarding your ADA-compliant parking lot.

ADA Parking Lot Specialty Items

Parking Spaces and Access Aisles

ADA Striping


ADA Signage

Path of Travel Upgrades


We designed new accessible parking spaces for this lot in Miami. Our engineers specialize in ADA design, and can help you determine the correct markings, best placement, and minimum required number of accessible parking spaces for your lot.


Our experienced ADA design and construction experts will help you plan for and correct the potential ADA barriers at your property.

Remember: regularly restriping pavement markings and ADA parking is a simple yet important way to maintain existing ADA compliance. Contact us today for a Free Estimate.