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Asphalt Repairs

Have you noticed cracks or other signs of damage in your parking lot? If so, it’s time to schedule an asphalt inspection by one of our certified pavement experts.

How Does Parking Lot Damage Occur?

When asphalt damage is not handled quickly, water can penetrate into the pavement subsurface and cause it to expand. A combination of sunlight, temperature changes, and stress from heavy vehicles can worsen the damage and cause it spread throughout the parking lot. Ultimately, this will lead to premature asphalt failure.

Waiting until severe asphalt failure occurs usually means spending more on resurfacing your parking lot. If you act early and address cracks as they arise, your budget won’t take the same hit.

Asphalt Parking Lot Repairs in Florida

Typical parking lot repairs consist of crack sealing, cut and patch, and overlay.

Crack sealing prevents the migration of water into the subbase, stopping crack expansion and subsurface erosion before it begins.

Cut and patch techniques remove the damaged section of asphalt entirely, to the full depth of the failure. Patching will drastically reduce the spread of failure as well as the amount of repairs needed over time.

Asphalt overlay is the placement of new hot mix asphalt over an existing asphalt surface. This improvement begins by applying a liquid tack coat to ensure proper bonding of the old asphalt layer to the new one. A commercial paving machine is used to lay a new layer of asphalt. Once rolled and compacted, the new pavement cools, cures, and becomes solid and ready for vehicular and pedestrian use. A new parking lot is born!

After making the decision to overlay your parking lot with fresh asphalt, it is essential to protect your investment with a sealcoating application. DMI Paving & Sealcoating recommends starting a cycled 2 to 3-year sealcoating program roughly 10-12 months after the new pavement is installed.

Instituting this program will set you up for success and ensure substantial savings for the life of the property.


Have a DMI Paving & Sealcoating expert evaluate your parking lot’s condition and make recommendations on your best course of action.

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