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Parking Lot Striping in FL

We are proud to provide professional pavement striping and marking services for commercial and municipal parking lots throughout Florida. We specialize in local code requirements to ensure new striping layouts are both crisp and accurate.

A newly striped parking lot gives your property a polished and welcoming appearance. It can also improve traffic flow, increase safety for drivers and pedestrians, and bring your lot up to ADA compliance.

Pavement Marking Equipment

We use specialized equipment and the highest quality DOT traffic paint to ensure our work meets our customers’ high expectations. Our striping teams have painted thousands of parking lots, giving us the experience and knowledge to complete any job regardless of size or complexity.

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Whether you need to stripe your brand-new parking lot or freshen up your existing lot, DMI Paving & Sealcoating will provide you with quick turn-around and convenient scheduling so as to not disrupt your business.

Work with the best parking lot striping company in Florida. Give us a call at 1-800-432-1191 to learn more.