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Sealcoating vs Asphalt Rejuvenator

You may have heard of an alternative asphalt treatment called ‘asphalt rejuvenator’. How does asphalt rejuvenator compare to asphalt sealcoating? What is the difference? Which one is a better choice for your asphalt maintenance needs?


Applying asphalt sealcoating is an important element of every effective pavement management program. Asphalt rejuvenators claim to penetrate the asphalt’s surface layer and replace certain oils that may have been lost due to exposure to weather, wear-and-tear, solvents, automobile oil, pollution, etc.

The claim that such ‘rejuvenators’ penetrate the asphalt in any effective manner are exaggerated at best and are completely unsubstantiated. We were unable to identify any reputable tests that confirm the effectiveness of ‘asphalt rejuvenators’ over sealcoating. Since we always want to provide the best solutions to our clients, we decided to do our own testing to see if there was any merit in using rejuvenators over sealcoating.

Our independent field tests indicate that the ‘penetration’ of the most popular rejuvenator products was superficial at best. After applying these rejuvenator products on real-life asphalt surfaces and allowing them to set we were unable to detect any significant penetration or sealing qualities after cutting cross-sections of the treated surface. One of the primary disadvantages of using rejuvenators on your asphalt surfaces is that you won’t see any aesthetic improvement. It is hard to tell that anything was done at all. This lack of visual evidence can also lead to uneven application of the product. We’ve had reports that large sections are often overlooked or missed during the application process because the workers can’t even tell where the product has already been applied!


Most rejuvenator products indicate that it may take three to four years to see any positive results such as a reduction in the number or severity of potholes. With sealcoating, you can see the results immediately AND you also get the long term benefits of reducing wear and tear that result in potholes and other damage.

In our opinion, the use of rejuvenators is not as effective as a quality sealcoating treatment. Sealcoating is the only tried-and-true process that effectively seals out the destructive forces that lead to asphalt deterioration. Sealcoating also dramatically improves the aesthetics (curb appeal) of your business. A sealcoated parking lot looks as good as new!

Our sealcoating system forms a barrier between your asphalt pavement and harmful external elements and chemicals. Once applied, the sealer protects the asphalt against the sun’s ultra violet rays, gasoline, oil, battery acid, road salts, sun and water. Sealcoating is an economical way to improve the appearance of your property and maintain your pavement investment.


Our proprietary asphalt sealer, STAYCOAT JC-7, is a coal tar emulsion sealcoat which we designed specifically for our clients. This material is manufactured according to our exact specifications and meets ASTM D5727 and Federal Specifications RP-355-e.