Asphalt Maintenance Tips for Property Managers

Property managers know how important it is to keep the grounds, and overall look of their community clean and beautiful. This includes roads, sidewalks, curbs and parking lots too! Striking curb appeal for customers and/or apartment dwellers is important for everyone.

Property managers usually have guidelines for what grounds need to look like and how they are kept up. And if guidelines aren’t met, you can bet complaints aren’t far behind. This is where we come in…

We have been keeping commercial property and community parking lots safe & beautiful since 1956. Here at DMI we recommend asphalt maintenance and care before things on your property get unsightly or dangerous.

1. Uh Oh, Potholes!

Potholes are the main source of problems when it comes to asphalt damage.

Water damage begins to erode the asphalt from within. If cracks and small holes are not fixed in a timely manner, larger potholes begin to form, eventually becoming impossible for vehicles to safely navigate. When potholes occur in your parking lots or roads, it indicates that care and maintenance need to be taken immediately. 

2. Sealcoating Is the “It” Factor

A layer of sealcoating on your property’s paved asphalt is well worth the expense! Sealcoating will increase the longevity of your asphalt by several years, it is also the salon that beautifies your asphalt! The fresh and clean look of a new layer of sealcoating will have all your residents or customers talkin’!

Most importantly, sealcoating protects against the elements, such as UV rays, rain, snow, water, and engine fluids.

3. Striping 

Striping pavement in parking lots and structures is a necessity for parking safety and organization. If lines and markings are worn out or difficult to see, questions can arise about management and their top priorities. This leads to a question of whether property owners ensure issues inside the building or commercial space would be dealt with properly too. 

It is time for a revamp! Line striping and pavement markings are inexpensive, and they add high value to your property. Freshen up with new paint to make your space more appealing and safe for everyone.

4. Budget Season

It’s time to think about your yearly maintenance budget. Don’t forget to take your property’s parking lot repairs and maintenance into consideration! Between regular wear-and-tear and unexpected damage, you never know when your asphalt might be in need of repair.

When you schedule an appointment with our team, you will receive:

  1. Parking lot assessment
  2. Project proposal with phases of the job
  3. Complete cost breakdown to help you plan your budget

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